Monday, January 9, 2012


We had a fabulous fireside. It was for our African investigators and recent converts. It was so well attended. The room was overflowing. Mostly Mt Vernon missionaries and guests. We baptize lots of people from countries in Africa and they are some of the warmest and spiritual people in the world.
Our first speaker was Patrick. There was an interpreter speaking in Twi for the people from Ghana. He told about his conversion which is a beautiful story. Elder Doman met him one day when he was walking down the street and saw Patrick in his yard doing exercises for a stroke he had recently had. They stopped and visited and Patrick was very receptive. He loved what he heard and joined quickly. What is remarkable about Patrick is he has become such a passionate missionary. He has helped 18 other people come into the church. He tells everyone about the gospel. We all just love him.

This is Alice Haney. With her daughter and on the computer with her father. She was our main speaker. And she has a remarkable story.
In one of wards, Fort Belvoire, we have a large number of converts from Ghana. The ward was praying for someone who knew how to help assimilate them into the ward. And a miracle occurred. Alice moved into the ward. She is from Ghana. Her father is Billy Johnson. He learned of the Book of Mormon many years ago. He read it. He believed it. But there was no church in Ghana. He spread the word and preached from the Book of Mormon. He had many people attending meetings where he taught from it. Finally after many years the church came to Ghana and when it did there were 100's of people ready to be baptized. You can read about his story in the Ensign. There is a beautiful picture of all these people lined up to be baptized in the river. "It looks like the story from the Waters of Mormon."
So Alice grew up with a father who was really the leader of the church in Ghana. He became the bishop and stake president. And here came Alice to our ward here. She has been wonderful to help the many converts as they learn about the gospel. What a miracle.
She spoke at our fireside and on her laptop "skyped" with her father Billy Johnson in Ghana during the meeting and he spoke to everyone at the meeting from a hospital bed.
Everyone loved the fireside. There was a wonderful spirit.
It was really a beautiful evening.
Our great audience.
Elder Kotyk conducting.
Alice speaking

Alice and her daughter
Elder Gates sang a beautiful song.
President Albright addressed the group

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