Wednesday, January 11, 2012


This was a special Thanksgiving. We had a joy of having a very diverse group at the house for thanksgiving dinner. Our daughter and son in law and their family, some friends from the mission (Ryan and Crystal Miller and their kids and Mother, Tamara), some of the Millers friends, 2 missionaries (Elders Walker and Carter), and some investigators from Ethiopia. And our wonderful office Elders Crockett and Hanson. It was a wonderful day and fun to visit and get to know so many.
Elder Carter and Walker called and said they had some investigators who had never experienced an American Thanksgiving and so we included them. These 3 women were from Ethiopia. Rahel was only 18 when she won the "Visa lottery" in their country and came to America on her own. She later helped her sister, Mejat come to America. Their Mother was here visiting and spoke no English. She was so sweet though. She wanted to give a blessing on our home and they interpreted for her. Both sisters have done well in America. One attends college and is a hotel caterer. The other is a nurse. Although Rahel has been in America for 6 years or so, she had not experienced a meal in an American home. These 3 ladies were just lovely. They were dressed in beautiful outfits from their native country. They were gracious and willing to try most of the foods. Just like other countries foods are odd to us. Our food was interesting, but they were a little unsure of some of it. How do you explain to someone what stuffing is? Wet bread. Sounds a little nasty. Ashlee especially enjoyed visiting with these ladies.
Our friends the Millers are from Las Vegas. They now live in Virginia and we love to have them over. Ryan grew up 5 houses from us.
Thanksgiving is a wonderful day. And I especially felt grateful for so many new friends and the opportunity to be here in Virginia.
Ashlee, the Mom, Rahel, and President
Mejat, Rahel, and their mother, Elders Walker and Carter, Rico and Ashlee, Elders Hanson and Crockett (office elders).
President with Las Vegas friends and family.

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