Saturday, October 1, 2011


We had 17 wonderful new missionaries arrive on September 14, 2011 at around 4:30 in the afternoon. 4 of them are visa waiters.( serving with us while they are waiting to get their visas) They come directly to the mission home and we feed them a big homemade dinner.
Some of them got arose at 4:00 this morning and with a long flight and lay overs they arrive pretty hungry. We feed the arriving missionaries plus the office elders, Assistants, The office couples, the counselors and their wives, and Pres and I. So it's always a nice big group. We like to sit around the tables and visit and get to know these wonderful new missionaries fresh from the MTC. And this is a fabulous group. I can tell just from the dinner. Look forward to getting to know them all.

After dinner, we head downstairs for an orientation meeting. We have a wonderful meeting because we get to hear eachof them share their testimonies and tell us a little about themselves.This group was fantastic. Strong, powerful, beautiful testimonies. I'm excited.
Dining room #1
Dining room #2
Elder Rivera's family.
Assistants Jacobson and Doman with new Elder Polkowske
Visa Waiter Elder Lindsay with President
Elders Rivera and Jacobson
Elders Polkowske and Ness
Elders Gates and Barney
Elders Lindsay and Ochoa
Elders Littledike and Ayala
Assistant Davie and Elder Ortega (a visa waiter)
Elders Rivera, Gates, Office Elder Hanson, and E. Ness
E. Ness, Sis Ahokava and E. Rivera
E. Gates, Sister Anderson, and E. Ness
Sister Dezzeo
My wonderful kitchen helpers. Sisters Bryson, Erickson and Doyle
Elders Doyle and Bryson, (Our office Seniors who happily do lots of dishes)

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