Sunday, October 2, 2011


The Erickson's home is set right up against a beautiful forrest and they have built a beautiful sunroom on to the back of the house. It is all screened in and the view is like "the sacred grove". We had a lovely time having dinner here. Pres Erickson even had a fire pit going and it smelled wonderful. It is always a joy to visit with the senior couples. After dinner we had a activity where we read excerpts from the last General conference and then had to come up with a scripture, song, arguement, experience, something relating to it. It was insightful and fun. The stunning sunroom
This is the Hellers and the Davis 's. Incredible story. First, President Albright's father Vern introduced the church to Elder Glen Davis when he was in Las Vegas for some business about 40 yrs ago. He needed an attorney and met Vern Albright who gave him a Book of Mormon.
When he returned home after his trip, the missionaries taught him the lessons. One of them was named Elder Blaine Bushman and he performed that baptism. They have stayed in contact for these many years. Well we have a new Sr. couple-the Hellers who are from Midland, TX. So happens that Blaine lives by the Hellers and is one of their dearest friends. When they made this connection, Elder Heller pulled out his cellphone, dialed his friend Blaine and put Glen Davis on the phone. Wow, what a small world.
The Carpenters, Daviss, Doyles
A room of Wisdom.
This is the Carriers. They will be arriving in the mission in a month. Happened to be here this weekend and we invited them to meet everyone.
Pres. Burton
Sis Burton
The Ericksons
The Carpenters
The Davis's
The Doyle's
The Hellers

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