Saturday, October 1, 2011


Can't put into words the incredible Zone leader council we had this week. This was a powerful and spiritual meeting. I felt their testimonies, the strength and love of each of these young men for this mission, their areas, the missionaries they are responsible for and for the gospel of Jesus Christ. As they counseled together and came up with ideas and goals for the mission, I knew how much they love the work. There were many tears shed and the spirit was truly present. I love everyone of these elders. These are the experiences I will really miss some day.The Zone Leader Council
President with Assistants Jacobson and Davie
Elders Wright and Staples-Zone Leaders Spanish North Zone
Elders LaRochelle and Carter- Zone Leaders Annandale Zone
Elders Peterson and Yancey- Zone Leaders Woodbridge Zone

Elders Rothman and Brazell- McLean Zone Leaders
Elders Pomeroy and Church- Zone Leaders Ashburn Zone
Elders Slade and Kotyk- Zone Leaders Mt Vernon Zone
Elders Hancock and Greer- Zone Leaders Spanish South Zone
Elders Skousen and Morrill- Zone Leaders Fredericksburg Zone
Elders Chance Johnson and Ta'ufo'ou-Zone Leaders Centreville Zone
Elders West and Parker- Zone Leaders Oakton Zone
Elder Parker and Rothman
Elders Pomeroy and Skousen

Holding council in the basement. A powerful circle
Pres, Elders Davie and Ta' ouf' ou
Elder Kotyk
Singing- there's nothing like hearing these young men singing together.

Elder Church directing music

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