Saturday, October 1, 2011


We had a remarkable Mission Home Fireside on September 18,2011. Sis Gretchen Johnston is a recent convert from the McLean Stake.
This amazing woman has a degree in Religious Studies and has thoroughly investigated many religions. When the sister missionaries knocked on her door, she was more than happy to visit with them. Little did she know she would find the true church.
She told her story and with such power and conviction. She knows her scriptures and the beliefs of many religions and is able to bare a strong and beautiful testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
She said she finally found the church that was able to answer all the questions she had never been able to find the answers to.
Sis Johnston is also a private contractor who helps the government agencies identify waste and fraud. (So can see how brilliant she is). We are blessed to have her share her story with us and the investigators and new converts were very touched from listening to her powerful witness.

Our second guest speaker was Bro Crompton. He is the Ward Mission leader in the Burke Ward. He was baptized at the age of 27. And he shares a strong and powerful testimony.

President with Sister Gretchen Johnston
Bro and Sister Crompton
Sis Johnston speaking

Elder Bothwell sang a beautiful song in both English and Mongolian.
Elder Tamir observes from above

Elder Crompton speaking
Elder Kotyk directs the music
Sisters Lee and Moses with Divena who was just baptized.
We met this young couple who have just moved to the area. And it turns out she is the daughter of our friends from early years in Las Vegas, Scott Higginson.

Elder Ta uof ou, Elder Davis
Elder Hanson and Forrest
Pres. Juengling with Pres Erickson and Albright
Elders Tamir, Rothman, Parker, and Bolos

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