Tuesday, October 18, 2011


First Day of Inspections- OAKTON ZONE.
We visited 7 apartments today. And we were pleasantly surprised. The missionaries had put forth a lot of effort and things looked really nice. Our missionaries live in nice apartments here in Virginia and with some great members in their homes.
We give the missionaries a long list of what needs to be done before we arrive and then we check it off when we get there. They get a certificate for a TERRESTIAL, TELESTIAL, or CELESTIAL dwelling.

First stop with Elders Parker and West (Elders Barrett and Mngoma were there on splits and we saw them later in the day at their place) . First stop was great.
Zone Leaders Parker and West sitting at their desks where they spend a lot of time studying.

Each of the outside doors of the apartments have a picture of Christ. We love it.
The outside of their place.
President Albright at the 1st stop.
2nd stop. These wonderful members have elders living in their basement. Lovely home.

Elders Ochoa and Sherwani at their desks.
Their private entrance.
3rd stop. Beautiful Fall trees.
Elders Ness, Gray, Bezzant and Ursenbach with President Albright.
The Plan of Salvation Sheet hanging behind them.

4th stop. Elders Crockett and Tilleman with President Albright

Now these 2 boys know how to make a bed. You could bounce a dime on them. Great job!
Bikes are kept on mats like this one.

5th stop.
Elders Mngoma and West and Elders Mngoma and Barretts place.
A nice clean kitchen.
6th stop. Elders West and Edgington. 4 Elders live here (Elders Dastrup and Hiatt also)
These elders have candles burning that smelled wonderful and cute Halloween decorations.
Extra points. Nice touch

Elders Dastrup, Edgington and Hiatt
President with Elders Dastrup, West, Edgington, and Hiatt
7th stop. Sisters Hardt and Dezzeo. In front of their desks.


  1. Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog and the Missionary moments in Meridian. Your Mission is where I was converted with my parents and twin sister way back in 1961. Things have changed a lot there church wise, but the missionary spirit is still strong there. Your pictures evoke wonderful moments of my time there in the Falls Church Ward. Keep the faith!!!

  2. I can see that you update this regularly so hopefully you'll get back to me. I'm pretty sure your mission covers Chantilly but if it doesn't if you could help me contact the mission that does that would be great. I have a friend that lives there that has expressed some interest to learn more about our church, she said she would like to go to church this coming Sunday, the 30th. I don't suppose you have any missionaries that speak Vietnamese? I know that there used to be some Asian wards, but I think they were mostly Cambodian. My name is Peter Clement, I grew up in the Falls Church ward but live in Utah now, please call me at 801-722-5302, I may be at work, since I work two jobs the odds are good, but leave me a return number and I will get back to you.