Sunday, October 2, 2011

4th Zone Training- OAKTON AND MC LEAN

4th day of Zone Training . We met in Oakton with them and McLean. This was a great day.
Great spirit. President Albright starts each conference with opening remarks. He introduced our theme for the trainings. THE BOOK OF MORMON. We need to use it more powerfully. It is the center of our work. There is a wonderful new issue of the Ensign out this month all about the Book of Mormon and so we choose to highlight it. After President talk we showed the movie "How Rare A Possession". I love this movie. It is a true story about Francenso de Francesca. He was a preacher who found a BoM in a garbage can. It had no name on the cover and the title page was missing. He read the book. He believed it and preached from it. His church excommunicated him because he would not burn the book with no name. When he finally found the name of the book by accidently seeing the word Mormon in a dictionary, he contacted the church in Salt Lake City. He was in Italy. They tried to send someone to baptize him, but because of political problems and wars (Italian, WWI and II) he never was able to be baptized until 42 years later. It is an incredible movie and builds my testimony each time I see it.
After the movie, I have the opportunity to speak. I shared some stories about the amazing converting power of the Book of Mormon.
Then our Assistants present their lesson. It is on using the Book of Mormon and Bible as companion books of scripture. And showing how you can find verses in each on the same topics. This activity is from the new Ensign issue. They played a game with the zones. Broke into 2 teams- Book of Mormon and Bible. Then they compete to find a scripture on gospel topics.
The whole group

Elder Parker playd a bagpipe solo.
Assistants Davie and Jacobson teaching
The Book of Mormon team
Elder Hill

sis Dalrymple

Elder Edgington
Elder Parker
Elder Tilleman
Elder West
Elder Brazzel
Elder Coleman
Elder Hanson
Elder Barrett
Elder Edgington
Elder West

Elders Brazzel and Rothman give their presentation on

Elder Rothman
Board with drawings of policeman with weapon (gun) and Elder with weapon (book of Mormon
Both have badges that show their authority. This was a great lesson.
Elders West and Parker then gave a lesson on 'WEAPONS OF MASS COVERSION"
It was fun. They used a top secret mission. That needed to be intercepted. The message that had to be intercepted, read," The #$$%%^^^ combined with #%^^%$$& is your most powerful resource.
After finding the code in PMG , it read, The Book of Mormon combined with the Spirit is your most powerful resource.
How we present it is very important.
They introduced the skills practice.
Elder Coleman
Elder Mngoma, Ochoa, and Sherwani

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