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We had a wonderfully fun sisters P-day activity. The elders in a zone get together often on p-days for basketball and other activities. The sisters are spread apart and often don't even know each other. We try to get our sisters together quarterly to have a fun activity.
We started this day with a messy, loud, learning, homemaking activity. We made homemade strawberry freezer jam. When you put 38 ladies into the same kitchen it can be pretty exciting and loud. But it was lots of fun and boy did we make lots of jam.
After we finished the jam, we let the assistants and President do some cleaning up. Aren't they angels?
We went into the gym and were served a delicious lunch. Pres and Elders Jacobson and Davie served us. We were very spoiled today.
Next we had a wonderful program. I expressed to them my love for each of them and how wonderful they are to serve mission. We read D&C 4: 5 which tells what a missionary has to do to be qualified for the work. It tells us we must possess faith, hope and charity with an eye single to the glory of God.
And so we had chosen this as our theme. We teach these principals and encourage others to have faith, hope, and charity. But in order to serve our best, we too must continuously work on our personal faith, hope and charity. Each of these contribute to us as missionaries and the work we do.
I had 3 very wise speakers: Sister Doyle-Faith
Sister Carpenter-Hope
Sister Heller-Charity.

Must have been inspiration, because they were fabulous. Each of them said just the right things to inspire our sisters in these areas. They each had personal experiences to relate with and it was just a wonderful program.
Between each speaker we had a musical number.
Sisters Kohler, Kelley, and Dana
Sisters Ward and Murray
Sisters Lee, Yoon and Garbrick
All beautiful and angelic. All of our sisters are so amazing.
I gave some closing remarks. I found a beautiful poem on Faith, Hope, and Charity and gave them each a copy.

After the program, we had dessert. Yummy. And then we played a couple of games.
The first one was 'Who is my Sister?' I read descriptions of each sister and they had to write down who they thought it was describing.

The next set of games involved blindfolds. There are lots of cute pictures of this. They had to do things like:
divide into 2 groups and then with blindfolds on put themselves into alphabetical order, or birthday order, or shortest to tallest. This teaches them communication and listening skills. Something every good companion needs.

It was a wonderful day.

Sitting: Sisters Rozsa, Newman, Yoon, Dalrymple, Kelley, Taylor, Trepanier, Anderson, Murray, and Ward. Kneeling: Patten, Kirakosyan, Vaitai, Kohler, Thompson, Sorenson, Hardt, Lee, Moses, and Holt, Standing: Sisters Garbrick, Ganbaatar, Hayes, Heller, Dezzeo, Vogelsberg, Dana, Moya, Ahokava, Raynor, Balsley, Erickson, Doyle, Carpenter, and Me.
The first two rows acted funny when told to, the rest of us are a little stiff.
It's fun for me to set the tables pretty for the activity. Makes them feel special. And the elders just don't appreciate like the sisters do.
We choose the theme, "Faith, Hope and Charity". So for dessert I had this pretty cake made.

Kitchen fun. Get to work girls!
Sis Patten was alot of help. She was a pro.
Sis Ganbaatar and Vaitai, Patten, Thompson, Taylor,Moya, and Erickson, and Hayes
Sisters Ganbaatar, Newman and Vaitai
Sisters Rozsa, Ward and Holt
Sister Heller taught us all how to scope out the stem with our thumb nail. Very smart.
Sisters Vogelsberg, Hayes, and Erickson
Sisters Dalrymple, Trepanier, Thompson, Patten, and Doyle
Sis Moya, Patten and Doyle

Sister Kirakosyan and Patten
Sisters Raynor and Balsley

Sisters Lee, Raynor and Balsley
Sisters Thompson and Holt and the back of Sis Sorenson
Sisters Raynor, Balsley, Patten and Vaitai
Sisters Vaitai and Ahokava
Sisters Moses and Lee, Raynor and Balsley, Holt and Ward and Erickson
Sisters Rozsa and Taylor, Moya and Kirakosyan, Garbrick and Ganbaatar, and Newman and Hayes.
Sisters Sorenson and Vogelsberg, Kohler and Kelley, Dana and Ahokava, and Doyle
Sisters Heller and Carpenter, Murray and Anderson, Yoon and Dalrymple
Sisters Hardt and Dezzeo, Patten and Vaitai, Trepanier and Thompson
Sisters Anderson and Murray, Carpenter and Heller, Elders Jacobson and Davie, Sisters Dalymple and Yoon
Sisters Dana and Ahokava, Doyle and Burton, Sorenson and Vogelsberg, Kohler and Kelley

Sister Doyle speaking on Faith
Sisters Kohler, Kelley and Dana perform
Sisters Ward and Murray
Sisters Lee, Yoon, and Garbrick
Blindfold games. finding their way
Getting in alphabetical order

Almost there

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