Sunday, October 2, 2011


1st day of zone trainings. We were in Ashburn with them and the Centreville zones. We held it in the Relief Society Room. I really like it there because it is more intimate and not so formal.

Team 1 for a game
team 2- other side of room
Elder Davie leading the Bible team
Elder Jacobson leading the Book of Mormon team
Elders Jacobson and Davie talked about using the Book of Mormon and Bible as companion books. How they support each other and are both witnesses of Christ. They played a game with the zones. They would put up a gospel topic and the goal was to find a scripture in each book .
Elders Chance Johnson and Ta' ufo' ou talking about how to introduce the Book of Mormon to investigators with passion. Just like you are passionate about other things (like reggae) you must act enthusiastic and show your passion for the book. Elder T sang a little reggae and then tried to convince another elder how great it was by his passion for it. He told him why he liked it, gave personal experience about it and told how it comforted him and made him happy. He told him if he would give it a chance and listen, he too could learn to like it. He likened this to
how we should introduce the BoM and our need to be passionate when we do.
Elders Pomeroy and Church talked about the Book of Mormon and asked "Why is the BoM important and exciting?" Answers included: It is pure- error free, testifies God speaks today, tells us God know us each individually, has exciting and descriptive stories with wonderful messages, it's a cheat sheet for a happy life, i feel the spirit when I read it, it is written for our day, others sacrificed so we could have it, reading it gives me strength, its philosophies are absolute truth.

Example skills practice with Elders Church, Pomeroy and Sis Hayes
Elders Hadfield, Bramwell, Bowers, and Butcher
Elders Perry, Schmidt, Church, Norris, and Liew
Elders Bluemel, Ayala, Cejedo, White
Elders Donaldson and Ford and Sisters Murray and Anderson
Elders Bluemel and Rivera

President inspires

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