Sunday, October 9, 2011


I love this meeting. Our new missionaries returned to the mission home today to report on how the first month has been. It is a joy to see them and hear how they have grown and all the exciting things that have happened to them. And they love to see each other. It is a fun day. We have breakfast, meet together, have lunch, and meet together some more. This is a really powerful group. Front Row: Elders Ortega, Ayala, Rivera, Gates, Polkowske, Littledike, Sister Hayes, and Anderson. Back Row: President Albright, Elders Lau, Ochoa, Hamblin, Ness, Barney, Karren, and Sisters Dezzeo and Ahokava.
Meeting together in the basement

Hanging out in the kitchen for breakfast: Elders Ortega, Polkowske, Ness, and Karren and Sisters Ahokava, Dezzeo and Hayes
Elders Davie, Littledike and Ochoa
Elders Polkowske, Ness, Hamblin, Rivera
Sisters Rozsa, Moses, Lee, Murray dropping off companions and on their way to do service.
2 visa waiters: Sister Hayes and Elder Karren- both heading to Brazil

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