Sunday, October 2, 2011


The prophet asked everyone to choose a day of service in celebration of the 75th birthday of the Welfare program in the church. In Virginia the church choose to have September 24th be the day of Service. The governor of the state even took notice and sent out a written statement about it. He said what a great church we have and what great service we give.
Everyone of our stakes arranged service projects. Some of them were stake projects, others were by the ward. Some day multiple projects. It was incredible the number of projects and the amount of planning. For example in the Fredericksburg Stake they put out flyers to the members that said "Helping Hands Through History" and they had the choice of 4 projects:
l) aid 'Habitat for Humanity with homes in the community. 2) clean local "battlefield and Park Lands' after recent floods, storms, quakes, and the tourist season. 3) remove trash and debris from the banks of the "Rappahannock river" 4) make "fleece blankets"for social services and elderly. And the lists went on and on. I went with Sister Erickson . The Burke ward had 4 projects you could choose from. We went to "the Back Door" a and helped clean up, organize, and display items. It was a learning and heart warming experience.

All of our missionaries were instructed to participate in the service projects of their wards. Most of them were busy working hard and I only was able to gather a couple of pictures. But it was a great day and lots of service done by the church for others spreading a wonderful message of love.
Sis Kirakosyan and Garbrick
Elders Markenstein, Ravia, and Ortega
Elders Forrest and Choi

Elder Choi.

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