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We had a wonderful visit from President Albright's brother, Chris and his wife Elaine and President's sister Karen and her husband Paul. They were with us from late Tues evening until Saturday afternoon. It was a great treat to see family and catch up on home. We are blessed to be a in mission where lots of people like to come visit and we are able to take some time to see them. On the porch at the mission home: Karen and Paul Callister, Elaine and Chris Albright and Karyn and President Albright

In the mission home: Chris and Elaine, Karen and Paul
At the Capital: Karen and Paul
Chris and Elaine
Lady Freedom is the statue on top of the capital. No statue is allowed to be taller than she.
That is why Lincoln is sitting in the Lincoln Memorial.
This is the painting on the dome of the capital. And President Washington is there being treated like a king.
A full view of the dome.
A close up of the incredible detail. Lots of carvings and motifs and inlays. Really beautiful
The row of "gray-tone" paintings are a mural that goes around the whole room depicting the history of the country.
A close up of the detail in the statue room.

Door to the office of the majority Leader
Door to office of the Speaker of the House-Boehner
There are many statues in the capital. There are at least 2 from every state. This is one of the man who invented Airconditioning. He is a hero to me. Haha
One of Utah's statues is Brigham Young
This is "San ******(something). He is the saint that all California cities that begin with San are named after.
This is one of Virginia's statues-George Washington
President Reagan
Large paintings surround the rotunda. This one is of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
This is of Washington turning in his papers as General of the Country and turning down the request to be King

The original Supreme Court was housed in the Capital. From 1810-1860
Original Supreme Court- Dred Scot case was heard here.
The corn on the columns was to show something unique from America rather than the gothic
Center of the rotunda
A beautiful little staircase with a fancy chandelier considered too fancy at the time to put in a main hall.
This statue of Lincoln was said to be the closest likeness to him by his children.
This is the center of the capital and right over the vault built for Washington's body. Although he is buried at Mt Vernon which he requested in his will. Many presidents have lain in state here in this spot
The Supreme Court. Directly across from the capital. Pres and Sis Albright with Chris and Elaine
Beautiful detail on the facade.
Thurgood Marshall was the first supreme Court Justice.
This is a freestanding spiral staircase housed in the Supreme Court.

The Library of Congress. I personally think this is the most beautiful building inside and out in Washington DC.

Incredible details. All very symbolic and meaningful. The tour is very informational and interesting.
Paul and Karen Callister in the Libaray of Congress.

All the angles and colors are just amazing. There are quotes and names of authors all over the walls.
The case contains the Gutenberg Bible
The Lincoln Memorial: Paul, President, and Chris
The Lincoln Memorial at night
The Korean Memorial. The faces on these statues show such emotion. Really touching
The Theodore D. Roosevelt memorial. Mark, Chris and Paul
President with the beautiful reflection of the Washington memorial
The Jefferson Memorial on the Tidal Basin
The Jefferson Statue. There are 4 quotes on the walls of this memorial. They are below:

President Albright with his Sister, Karen
The Martin Luther King Memorial across the Tidal Basin.
This new monument is beautiful. It is surrounded by inspiring things Martin Luther King said.
The monument is suppose to look like it is cut out of the mountain behind it.

Looking at the Washington Monument from the WWII monument
4000 stars representing 400,000 deaths in WWII on a wall in the memorial
WWII Memorial. (The fountain was not working and it is so beautiful with it on.)
There are 50 pillars. One for each state. Here is ours-Nevada
This was very inspiring. About 50 or more WWII veterans at the memorial. They were having a prayer and it was very touching.

The White House.
Chris and Elaine, Karen and Paul
This is a protester. She has been here since 1981. They can't make her leave unless she falls asleep and so other people who agree with her protests come and cover for her while she sleeps and goes on breaks. She is now 75 yrs old and has been here over 30 years. She is protesting everything. She is directly across the street from the white house.
This is the Pentagon Memorial at Night. I know it is hard to see. There are 187 benches. One for each person killed on both the plane and in the pentagon. If they face the Pentagon they died there, if they face away then they died in the plane. There is a name and date on everyone.
It is a lovely memorial.
Arlington Cemetary. This quilt hangs in the visitors center. One soldier from every state. Someone who has been killed in Afganistan or Iraq. The pictures are of when the soldier was a little boy and it tells about each of them.
This is the soldier from Nevada, John Lukac.

Arlington Cemetary. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. They march 24/7, everyday of the year. The "Changing of the Guard" is a beautiful, precision, ceremony. We love to take people here.
These soldiers are inspiring. There dedication is amazing. We show a video of this to the missionaries when they arrive in the mission.
clicking his heels on a turn

I love this creed.

This is the Memorial Amphitheater where the President of the US speaks on Memorial Day and other important events.
These are the memorials to the Challenger and the US Maine. (the mast was brought from the ship)
The original gate to the cemetary
There are over 350,000 graves here and between 20-30 funerals every day.
The Air and Space Museum houses the Black Hawk SR71 and behind it is the Enterprise.
The Enterprise
This is a real space satellite. I find it amazing, beyond my understanding. Looks like a cool science project. This museum is hugh and a lot of fun.

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