Sunday, October 2, 2011


Elder Taylor Bell returned to the mission to baptized Russell. Elder Bell and Davie were companions and tracted into Russell last year. He liked what he heard, but didn't commit at that point. Russell was raised in London, but his family is from Ghana. His father had joined the church and served as a Stake President in Ghana. When his father died, he returned to Ghana for the funeral service and was really touched by what he heard. At that point he contacted that missionaries again and wanted to be baptized. He asked Elder Bell to perform the ordinance. We are so excited to have him come visit. One of the best missionaries ever.
He still is quoted by all the elders and loved and respected. It was a joy to see him.
Elder Bell with Russell at the baptism. Russell's family is being baptized next month.
The next day at the Mt Vernon Chapel, President Albright had the privilege of confirming Russell. He will be a great asset to the church. We're so excited to have them join.

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