Saturday, October 1, 2011


It's the time of year when all the stakes have Stake Conference. We have the privilege of attending most of these. Sometimes they overlap and we can't get to both. But we try to attend as many as possible.
We are blessed with the opportunity to speak at most of these conferences.
President usually speaks at the Priesthood meeting on Saturday afternoon. And then we attend the Saturday evening and Sunday sessions.
On the 4th we were suppose to speak at the McLean Conference. However, the approaching hurricane caused the conference to be cancelled.
On the 10th and 11th we attended and spoke at the Fredericksburg conference. McLean was rescheduled for this week.
On the 18th we spoke at the Shirlington Ward sacrament meeting at 8:00 and then went to the Annandale Stake conference and spoke at the Sunday session.
We have a new branch opening in the mission. The Chinese branch was started on the 18th and had a big openhouse meeting.
Sundays are busy. But wonderful. President has Presidency meetings early on Sundays and often there are CC's (co-ordinating councils). And every Sunday evening after mtgs are done, Pres and his Assistants head to the office for weekly reports. This is when all the zone leaders call in and report their progress for the zone for the week. This usually starts at about 9:00 and takes until around midnight.

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