Saturday, October 1, 2011


We get up early the next morning and have a big breakfast and then get to work training.
We have a long orientation meeting with lots of information. We show them a power point all about the mission and get them excited about all the different zones. We tell them lots of great things about each zone.
One thing we do is teach how to do door approaches and then practice at the missionhome.
They were all naturals. Then the Assistants and Pres take them all to George Mason University to do some street contacting. This group was so good they came back with 14 contacts-Names of numbers of people they visited with who were willing to share their information. We take pictures for the transfer board and family. Then it's times for lunch and we head to transfer meeting to meet their trainers.
Elder Littledike and Lau make a door approach
Elders observing at the door
Elders Barney and Rivera knock on Elder Jacobsons door.
Elder Doman and Lindsay
The pressure is on.

Elder Doman give some training about door approaches. He is the best and they are listening intently.

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