Saturday, October 1, 2011


We arrive at the chapel and meet in the Relief Society room with the trainers. President announces who the new companions are: trainers and trainees. And they are so excited to greet one another. They really do love each other the minute they are together. This is a really wonderful meeting to witness. So much fun.

Elder Ness with Trainer Elder Hanson

Elder Polkowske with Trainer Elder Shupe

Elder Hamblin with Trainer Elder Tejeda

Elder Rivera with Trainer Elder Bluemel

Elder Ayala with Trainer Elder Keeffer

Elder Ochoa with Trainer Elder Walker( changed to Elder Lau the next day due to driving problems)
Elder Barney with Trainer Elder Gubeli

Elder Gates with Trainer Elder Doman

Elder Lau with Trainer Elder Sherwani (later changed to Elder Ochoa for driving )

Elder Littledike with Trainer Elder Gray
Elder Lindsay with 2 trainers Elders Staples and Wright. Elder Lindsay got his visa within a week.

Elder Ortega with Trainer Elder Ravia

Sister Ahokava with Trainer Sister Dana

Sister Dezzeo with Trainer Sis Hardt

Sister Anderson with Trainer Sister Murray
Transfer Mtg
Guest speakers Dr and Sister Mikesell. They drove from Ohio to our mission to talk with our missionaries about good physical care to keep yourselves healthy. They were wonderful. He is always so great to visit with our missionaries with their medical needs.
The Assistants gave a great presentation. It was all about Baptism and they interviewed many of our missionaries about their purpose. It was very touching. At the end they had this cute part where they each got out of bed separately thinking (dreaming) about 511. And these are the final 4 scenes in the video. Very nice.

Elder Jacobson, Doman and Davie: 511

Sisters Murray and Lee sang a beautiful musical number
Sis Yoon accompanied them
President and Elder Jacobson on the stand

The big transfer; exchanging cars, luggage, etc. I call it organized chaos.
Pres. with Elders Hanna and Ursenbach, both from Canada

Elder Meitler and Doman

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