Monday, January 9, 2012


One of my favorite places in the mission is Mt.Vernon, home of George Washington. I spent the morning there with my son, Steven and his wife and 3 kids. It was just a beautiful fall day. The colors are spectacular. They returned from NYC and a visit to the Dr for little Grayson on Monday. They felt they had learned a lot and came away with a lot of hope.. The Doctor was pleased with Grayson. Felt he doesn't have a lot of the problems associated with RSS, except for the tiny size and eating issues. Only time will tell. He acts age appropriate and that is good news. They will be going home and arranging for a feeding tube into the stomach which he will have until he is 4-5. He can start growth Hormone therapy at 2 yrs. They plan to research this further. But the hope is that with the hormone, he can reach a height of at least 5 foot and perhaps even 5'6" or more. So that is wonderful news. Again only time will tell. But he is a precious little angel and was sent to a great family. They adore him. Having a NICU nurse for a mom is a real blessing also. They head home tomorrow evening. It's been fun having them here.

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