Monday, January 9, 2012


The Centreville Zone: Front Row: Elders Ta uof ou, Chance Johnson, Harb, Peihopa, Sisters Anderson, Moya, Thompson, Roza, Patten, Vaitai, Sister and Pres Albright, Seated on stage: Elders Choi, Freeman, Hinze, Zabriskie, McAbee, Schwendiman, Back Row: Elders Fitzpatrick, Anchondo Perez, Forrest Dastrup, Lau, and Meitler. Zone leaders Elders Ta' ufo 'ou.

Elder Doyle, Car Czar talks about how to "take care of the cars, be careful, be safe, keep reports, etc" Then he gives awards for the 1st,2nd, 3rd place clean cars. And IronMan for the longest on a bike.

Elders Choi and Dastrup
Sisters Patten and Vaitai

Sisters Thompson and Moya
IRON MAN- Elder Meitler
Sisters Roza and Anderson

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