Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The Assistants and office Elders came over to bring their ties, have photos and say goodbye. 
These are incredible young men. 
I love them and will miss them 
The mission is being left in excellent hands. 
These young men are really some of my HEROS.  

President and I with Assistants Elder Parker and Elder Johnson. 
These two young men are the best.  They are amazing leaders. 
All the missionaries love them.  They are powerful teachers. They are kind and 
loving and hardworking.  They not only do hours of assistant work but keep their 
area going well.  They practice what they preach and have Moral Authority 
with the other missionaries who admire them for their examples. 

Elders DeHaan and Litchfield are our office elders.  They are great.  The office 
is tip top because of them.  They are computer wiz's and very efficient.
They are always happy and willing to do whatever ask.  And they 
are great missionaries too.

Hanging their ties

Elder Parker

Elder Johnson

Elder Litchfield

Elder Dehaan

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