Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I was thinking about the incredible schedule we keep here on the mission.
It is a unique schedule for Mission Presidents and wives.
A little summary for my memory:

100 Zone conferences or trainings
27 departing Missionary Firesides
27 Mission Home firesides w/ treats
27 Transfer Meetings
27 Return & Reports w/ meals
27 Orientations
27 Zone Leader Council Mtgs w/ breakfast & lunch
27 Senior missionary dinners
14 Leadership Meetings
36 Presidency Mtgs
80+ airport trips
12 Sisters p-day activities
12 Spanish Forum Trainings
130 Office staff mtgs
288 Stake Correlations meetings
12 of 18 Why I Believe Firesides
27 Transfers- arriving and departing missionaries
27 Departing Temple trips
27 Departing luncheons
135 Transfer Meals  (@2800 fed)
48 Stake Conferences
3 Marriott Barbecues
6 Mission President Seminars
20+ Temple Visitor Center presentations
27 Trainer Meetings
420 Apartment Inspections
90 wards visited
100 Baptismal interviews
100 Baptisms attended (out of 1200)
300 Departing Interviews w/ treats and ties
300 departing Books compiled
480 New Missionary Interviews
36+ Mission Home barbecues or Activities
2880 Missionary Interviews
24960 weekly letters read
Firesides, speaking invitations to sacrament mtgs, etc
1500 Medical phone calls
3000 phone calls -missionary issues
and 360 loads of sheets and towels.

I think we are going to have to take up some hobbies.

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