Saturday, June 23, 2012

THE F.B.I. BUILDING is enormous

The F.B.I. Headquarters Building is an imposing building.  It is an entire square 
block,  And has a powerful strong look to it.-Just how I think of the FBI.
We didn't have time for a tour, but wanted to show this magnificent building.
they do offer limited tours for a peek into the headquarters.  The tour includes displays of gansters and 
Most wanted fugitives, confiscated weapons, glass-enclosed laboratories with working 
technicians working on "clues"
The building was dedicated in 1975 and named in honor of FBi director, J. Edgar Hoover. 
According to the book-"The building has drawn few defenders in the unrelenting criticism of its ugliness".  This surprised me because I think it looks magnificent. 
They are just used to the Roman classical buildings with pillars and such.  But this 
is a beautiful modern piece.

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