Friday, June 15, 2012


3rd Zone Conference on June 7th with the Oakton and McLean Zones. 
Loved it.  The presentations were incredible.  
these missionaries are so creative and cute. 
We have a lot of fun today. 
Not sure I can live without these.

Front Row:  President Albright, Sisters Moses, Crockett, Ferrin, Moya, Taylor, Pasquale, Thompson and me.
2nd Row:  Elders Oberhansley, Littledyke, Stuart Johnson, Rowley, Ochoa, Rivera, Ursenbach, Perez Anchondo, and Chance Johnson
3rd Row:  Elders Brunson, Newkirk, Bergman, Taylor, Stone, Call, Jaxson Anderson, MacFarlane
4th Row:  Elders Gubler, Terry, Polkowski, Scott, Rith, Hinze, Schwendiman, Calvert, Parker
5th Row: Elders Greggerson, Roffo, Nuttall, Rasmussen, Sister and Elder Heller,
6th Row:  Elders Norris, Hanson, Carnline, and Liew

The Oakton Stake Center

Elders Norris and Carnline teach "how to begin teaching" 
They did a very creative presentation. 
They asked everyone to take off their ties.  Then they asked everyone to put it back on 
and tie it.  They turned with their backs to the rest of us.  Then when we had finished they turned around and they had tied theirs into bowties.  They said, they had wanted us to do the same. 
Their instructions, their beginning had been poor.  They hadn't let us know their purpose. 
Then they taught us all how to tie a bowtie.  They started the teaching correctly this time.
It was very effective. 

Elders Carnline and Norris in their bowties.

Sister Moses teaches about "Nightly and weekly planning"

Elders Hanson and Liew teach about the "PMG Invite"  They did a masterful job. 
Filled with the spirit and outlined step by step how to invite. 

Skills practices

Two of our new missionaries;  Elders Nutall and Oberhansley

Sisters Crockett, Ferrin, Moya, Taylor, Pasquale, me, and Sister Moses

Elders Call, Stone and Anderson sang a lovely number and Elder MacFarlane accompained 
on the guitar.  He is an excellent guitar player

Elder Parker above and Johnson below

Elder Liew

Sister Moya

President Albright 

Elder Scott leads the music.

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