Saturday, June 23, 2012


Can't see these little faces too well, but I will try.
Elders Greggerson, Poffo (crashing the party and very welcome), Ness, Polkowski, Ochoa, Phillips, Fitzpatrick, Wilson, Bezzant, Creager, Terry, Anchondo, Villareal, Parker, Scott, Garcia, Earnshaw, Hamblin, Young, Oliverson, Boucher, and Ursenbach,
Kneeling:  Elders Cejudo, Rivers, Gubler, Wright, Sisters Mecham, Dane, Elders Pedraza, Johnson, Litchfield and DeHaan

We didn't get the picture taken until a bunch of the Hermanas had left already. We have about 8 more Sisters.  Oops! 
Monday, June 18, we had a great big Spanish missionary Barbecue at the mission home.  This was sandwiched between interviews.
Interviews 9:00-11:30
Barbecue 11:30- 2:30
Interviews 3:00-5:00
A fun, busy day at the mission home.
We are going to miss days like this.
We now have A LOT of Spanish missionaries. About 40.  
This was great fun.  Great food. Great sports.  Great laughs.

Basketball fun- competitive.

Elders Dehaan and Boucher

Elders Anchondo Perez and Johnson

Elders Parker, Garcia, Pedraza and Creager

Elders Johnson and Parker at the Grill with President and Elder Wright

Elders Terry, Ochoa, Rivera and Gubler

Sisters Dana, Ferrin, Moya and Mecham

Elder Earnshaw at the pingpong table

Sisters, Hermanas Thompson, Pasquale, and Taylor

We thought it was a Spanish party, they got mixed up and thought it was German.
Elders Arthur Wilson and Fitzpatrick

On the patio waiting for food

Elders Greggerson, Earnshaw, Oliverson

Elder Ursenbach

Elders Greggerson and Oliverson

Volleyball brings out the FIRE in the spanish. They are in this to win.

Sisters Ahokava and Thompson shoot hoops

Elders Bezzant, Creager and Young

Elder Phillips and Sister Meacham

Sister DeLeon and Elder Johnson

Elder Ochoa

Elder Garcia and Litchfield

Sisters Taylor, Pasquale, and Nelson with Elder Terry

Hanging in the kitchen- Elders Creager, Poffo, Greggerson, Terry, Ness, Polkowski with Sister Pasquale


Someone get it.

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