Friday, June 15, 2012


The 2nd Zone Conference was held on June 6, 2012 in the Woodbridge Stake Center for Woodbridge and Fredericksburg Zones.  Another wonderful day with wonderful presentations and discussions. 
There was a wonderful spirit and lots of enthusiasm.  

We had them say it as an affirmation all together.  
They sounded great. 

Elders Jensen and Walker are the Zone leaders in Woodbridge. 
Elders White and Freeman are in Fredericksburg.

Elder Jensen conducted. 
Elder Busch led the singing. 
Elder Cluff gave a spiritual thought on Faith. 
New missionaries are; 
Elder Riggs- from Chandler, AZ (loves medicine and wants to be a Doctor)
Elder Chaffin- from Spokane WA-loves everything about cars
Elder Pojol- Forrance, CA, Basketball, Rugby and surfing

Both ZL's did a great job of presenting. 

Front Row:  Elders White, Jensen, Cluff, Gates, Riggs, Sister Dana and Mecham
2nd Row: Elders Perry, Mann, Powell, Hubbard, Earl, Hussey, O Johnson, Freeman and C Johnson
3rd Row:  Elders Busch, Timothy, Chaffin, Bentley, Mochizuki, Ker, Williams, Watson, Walker
4th Row:  Elders Parker, Young, Oliverson, Forrest, Aker, Davis, Rausch, Fitzpatrick, A Wilson
5th Row:  Elders Cowley, Pojol, Yazzie, Bigler, Husted, T Wilson, Eric Williams 
6th Row:  Elders Ross, Watson, Mooso, Bay, Cluff, Sister and Elder Gillette

Elder Busch

Elder Walker and Jensen teach "How to begin Teaching"

Checking Area Books

Sister Dana teaching how to PLAN

Elder Parker instructing

Elder White and Freeman with Elder Watson 

Skills practices


Musical Number by Elders Cluff, Gates, Pojol and Yazzie

Elder Chance Johnson inspiring the troops

After the conference we went to lunch with Sisters Mecham and Dana

Woodbridge Stake Center

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