Wednesday, June 27, 2012


After Transfer Meeting, we said Goodbye in the parking lot for about 2 hours. 
It was so nice to hug  and say farewell to these wonderful young missionaries.
Wish we had time for a picture with every single one. 
We love them.  They are valiant.  
They are excited.  We are sad.  
We will miss them.

Elders Johnson and Parker with President with Matching ties
Sisters Borland and Crocket

Elders McAbbee, Horton, Litchfield, Chung, and Hussey

Sisters Nelson and Yoon

Elders West and Lafeen

Elders Rivera and Ochoa

Elders Ayala and Horton

Elders Braithwaite and Westover

Elder Ravira and Liew

Sisters Thompson and Pasquale

Elders Ness, Hamblin, Edgington and Slade

Elders Edgington and Slade

Elders Gronning and Hubbard

Sisters Newman and Olsen with Elder Fraizer

Sisters Evans and Olsen

Elders Naylor, Hill, and Williams

Elders Orme and Williams

Sisters Storts, Vogelsberg, Dana, Stewart and Mecham

Elder Ravia and Lewis

Elders Hodgson, Davis, and Lafeen 

Elders Skinner, Torres and Eaton

Elders Mngoma, West, Lewis and McKwenkwe

Sisters Moses and Feng

Elders Earnshaw, Wright and Cejudo

Elder Gronning

Elders Ross, Roffo, Harb and Lewis
Elders Boucher and Bezzant

Elders Chung, Bay, Gates, and Chow

Elders Aland, and Coates

Elders Greggerson and Rith

Elders McGoffin and Cluff

Elders Braithwaite and Uptain

Elder Zabriskie

Elder Harb

Elder Holfeltz

Elder Poffo

Elder Taylor

Elder Hanson

Elder Harper

Elder Horton

Elders Hill and Horton

Elder Harb

Elder Dakota Anderson

Elder McKwenkwe

Elder Brunson

Elder Gates

Elder Littledyke

Sister Ferrin

Elder Brunson

Elder Zabriskie and Kessler

Sister Anderson

Elder Fraizer

Elder Yates

Elder Kessler

Elders Chung and Chow

Elders Chow and Lau

Elder Carnline
Elder Mngoma

Elders Johnson and Parker

Elder Westover

Sister Newman

Elder Lafeen

Sister Olsen

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