Saturday, June 23, 2012


We started out this Sunday with Sacrament mtg in the Burke Ward. Lots of 
Goodbyes.  Then it was off to the Colonial 2nd Ward in 
"little Provo".  This renovated business building is home to 3 large singles wards. 
About 1000 singles attend here each Sunday. 
We were so impressed with these young adults. 
Educated, hard working, talented, beautiful, musical, and SPIRITUAL.
The meeting was very reverent, one of the blessings of a singles ward. 
We had a nice surprise.  When we were first walking up to the front door, we ran into 
the LAS VEGAS CREW.   4 of our very own young ladies from our home stake in Las Vegas, living 
here working or going to school.  It was so fun to see these girls from home and 
get some hugs. 

The unique Singles ward Building on 23rd street in McLean, Virginia. 
This is close to the metro and downtown DC where many of these 
members live and work. 

Sisters Lindsay Christensen, The Soderberg Girls, and Stephanie Zohner.  
What a fun surprise.  Las Vegas girls.

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