Saturday, June 2, 2012


I probably take way too many pictures of the same thing, but I want to 
remember this place that has become so dear to me 
It is a spectacular city, the history and importance of this city make me so 
proud to be an american.  So glad our country has a beautiful city to represent us to the world.
As we walked back to the car, I snapped these pictures as we walked along the boardwalk by the
Tidal Basin.

Little paddle boats you can rent for the lake.

Arlington House at the Cemetary seen in the distance

These booths are located all our DC.  Wanted to remember them

I love the effect of framing these pictures with the leaves.

A sign telling the story of the Cherry Blossoms that surround the basin.

Arlington City seen across the basin

The original Smithsonian castle- the first Smithsonian

The Enid Garden sits behind the castle and under ground is part of the Sackler gallery

The front of the castle

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