Saturday, June 23, 2012


We met with half of the mission today to have a farewell conference.  To say good-bye,
we love you, we will miss you 
You have a Mission President and wife who love you now.
And you will have one next week who will love you too 
It was a wonderful conference.  
There were incredible musical numbers.  WOW
They all brought their ties and conversion stories and made my quilt and book complete.
They presented us with a lovely picture like the one in the DC temple that we love. 
I spoke about the M&M of a mission: 
the Message, the Messenger, the Missionaries, the Miracles, the Members, the Mission location,
and the Mission President.
And don't forget a M&M - Mission Mom who loves you.
President Albright spoke for and hour and a half.  But he had them entertained. 
He shared stories and miracles, and videos, and had them laughing, and crying and it was wonderful.
I'm not sure my heart can handle this. 

We had lunch: pizza and cookies
And I tried to get around and give everyone a hug and a good-bye.  
Felt bad I only got to about half, so.....
tomorrow we're having a receiving line.  

Half the missionaries of DC South. 90 in number

We practiced a Flash Mob song.  It was Phenomenal.

Elder Ravia started us with "AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL" and 
it was beautiful.  He has a strong Fiji voice. 

Elder Wilson, who is an opera major, sang an incredible arrangement of
"May the Road Rise Up to Meet You".  It was moving, just lovely. 
Sister Dana played violin with him and Elder DeHaan accompanied on piano.

The assistants instructing

They presented us with this beautiful pictures we love

Elder Parker gave a very special tribute to us.  "No words"

Elder Johnson also gave us a wonderful tribute. and
again No words.  We love these two young men.  

Elder DeHaan sang a beautiful arrangement of  "Consider the Lilies"
This multi talented young man plays piano and sings.

Elder Naylor, who broke his foot mon and is going home for surgery 
was asked to share his testimony

Elder Wright sang "How Can I Keep From Singing"
this is a song I hadn't heard and it was really a beautiful song 
Elder Wright is also a really gifted singer.

President Albright speaking and encouraging for the last time

Lunch time

Elder James Thompson stopped in and surprised us.  We're going to dinner later this week. 
He served with us about a year ago.

Elder Mngoma from South Africa

Elders Mngoma and McKwenkwe also from Africa

Elders Jensen and Walker presented us with a lovely book made by their zone.

Elders McKwenkwe, White, and Harper

Elders Johnson (from Norway) and Naylor

Elders Hill and Kelley- both from Shelley Idaho (where my family is from )

Elder Lau from China

Elder Hill

Elder Chow also from Hong Kong, China

Elder  Orjan Johnson

Elder Slade (reminds me of my Bleazard nephews) so I have to love him

Elder Ness-from Gilbert Arizona.  A really good friend of the Riggs family. 
Elder Ness was so sweet.  He gave us a copy of a special BoM that his grandfather
covers with hieroglyphics like those on the gold plates and some beautiful coins from when Joseph Smith ran for president and the early saints had their own coinage.  
what a really sweet thing to do.  
This young man is pretty excited about his friend coming, and he should be.

Elder Ravia from Fiji

Elder Bay- one of our wonderful former OE- Office Elders 

Elders Litchfield, Harper, and DeHaan

Sister Feng from China.

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