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19 Jun 2012

Dear President Albright,

I want to tell you about a miracle that happened to us this last week, my third week in the mission field. Before I left on my mission from my home in Ephraim, Utah, I was talking to my seminary teacher Bro. Russell. He's been a huge part of my own conversion story so far so I wanted to tell him thanks and goodbye. After I told him I was going to Washington D.C. South, he said I might run into his daughter Moriah who was in my same graduating class. I knew her well enough. She had just gotten married to a man named Travis Roberts. He is not a member of the church, and she had fallen inactive, so he asked me to find them out in here Virginia and teach Travis the gospel and bring them both back into the fold. I could see the apparent worry he had for his daughter, and so of course I said yes, anything I could do to help. However, I didn't think much about it. I figured that with several million people here what would be the odds that I could find them, if they are found at all.

Last week we were praying very hard for new investigators, but we kept getting prompted to do lost sheep work. At every less active's house we went to visit, we ended up finding not our lost sheep but a new investigator. We were very happy to have picked up 4 new souls to teach last week. Then it was my turn to pick from the list of less actives we had been given by the Bishop, and so I prayed quickly and felt prompted to visit Evan Hardin. We went to his house, he wasn't even home, so I thought, hmmm ok well I'm not sure why I was prompted to come here!

Just then, a man called out to us and said, "Hey elders!" So I went over and started talking to him. It turns out he was from the same area in Utah as me, and was rooming with 2 of the guys I went to high school with, so I thought cool, maybe this is why I’m in this neighborhood, to bring them back to the fold. We continued to talk and I asked him if he knew any of his neighboors we could teach. He thought for a moment then said to us he did know someone. It was his good friend Travis. He went on to explain that Travis came here to Virginia with them to sell security systems with his new wife who was from my home town of Ephraim. At this point my heart was really pumping. I managed to calmly ask, "Is his wife's name Moriah?"  It was. So out of all the missionaries in this entire mission that could have been in that situation, we are the ones that get to be here to find and teach my seminary teacher’s daughter and son-in-law! It only took 3 weeks to find them in all of Virginia! Now that is a real miracle! It turns out that we are living so close to Travis that we're practically neighbors! Travis was very much ready for the gospel.  There is a miracle waiting around the corner to exact obedience. I know that God Loves us and watches over us. He is in the details of our lives. This Gospel is true!


Elder George

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