Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The room starts with the front empty and as new transfers are read, the new companionships
move together to the front.

Sister Crocket leads the music


Elders Torres and Eaton

New Zone Leader- Elder Gates with ElderWhite

Elder Mooso with Elder Tolle

New Missionaries waiting on the stand

Elder Bay with Elder Skinner

Sisters Dana and Mecham meet Sister Stewart

New Zone Leader- Elder Yazzie with Elder Norris

Elder Christensen meets Elder Hinze

Sister Vogelsberg with Sister Storts

President reading the Transfers

Elder Heiner with Elder Holfetlz

Elder Taylor- new Zone Leader

Sister Crocket with Sister Borland

Elder Forrest sand a beautiful Island Song "Until we Meet Again".
He has a lovely voice and we hadn't heard him before. 
So many hidden talents

Sister Olsen sang a lovely hymm.  
And also had an incredibly pretty voice. 
She departs tomorrow and we just learned about this voice. 

The assistants made a presentation about 
'HAVING A CLEAN SLATE" when the new president arrives.
invited Elder Slade up to demonstrate.  
Very funny.
Everyone gets a fresh start with the new president. 
If you have things you need or want to change now is a great time. 
He has been told nothing about specific individuals.  It's all a clean SLATE.

Elder Alan Hanson-drummer for the Utah Band- ALLRED
President showed a video of them doing "Come Thou Font" 
Invited Elder to share thoughts about leaving to come on mission.
Elder Kessler- Uof U  quarterback. 
Pres showed a video of Division 1 recruiting him. 
Invited him to share thoughts about coming on mission 

Elder Gronning shared the miracle that happened to him this week
in meeting the man who converted his mother
Sisters Yoon and Nelson found 21 new investigators this month 
President had them share how they did this. 
It was a great presentation. 
They literally TALK TO EVERYONE they see.

President says his good-byes.

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