Saturday, June 23, 2012


What a very special day.  We attended the temple on June 20, 2012 for the last time of our mission.
This was a beautiful day.  The weather was hot, but the sky was beautiful for pictures. 
We head to the temple at around 9:00a.m. and take pictures out front. 
Then we get the opportunity to have a private meeting with one of the 
temple presidency and they share some thoughts with the departing group. 
This time it was the 2nd counselor, President Bryan.  He was wonderful-gave 
good advice, told fun stories, and let them ask questions. 
Then we had a wonderful session.  
I wanted to linger in the Celestial Room longer than usual.  Knowing I may not 
be back here for some time, it was hard to turn and leave that incredibly lovely 
place.  12 shiny chandeliers all in one room.  It is quite spectacular. 

After the temple, we take the group to lunch. 
Headed to Cafe Rio. Seems to be everyones favorite now.

A very lovely way to spend the day.

Elders DeHaan, Litchfield, Tacaki, Jensen, Lafeen, Liew, West, President and Sis Albright, Sisters Moya, Olsen, and Newman, Elders Parker, Horton and Chance Johnson

Elder DeHaan

Elder West

Elder Horton

Elder Tacaki

Elder Jensen

Sister Olsen

Elder Liew

Elder Lafeen

Sister Moya

Sister Newman

Elder Litchfield

Elder Parker

Elder Johnson

Sisters Olsen, Moya, and Newman

Elders Parker, Lafeen and Jensen

Elders Liew and Horton

Elders DeHaan, Johnson and President

Elders Tacaki, Litchfield and West

Hanging at the office:  Elders Jensen, Hanson, Horton, McAbbe

Elders DeHaan, Yates, McAbbe and Hill

Elders Horton, Litchfield, Tacaki, Lafeen, Yates, McAbbe and DeHaan

Elders Jensen and West

Sisters Olsen and Evans

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