Thursday, June 21, 2012


Washington D.C. South Mission 

When I was younger I would frequently peer into the windows of the cars driving next to 
ours on the freeway. As I gazed into the stranger’s cars I would wonder where they were going, if 
they were in a hurry, and what type of home they were leaving or going to. I would look for evi- 
dence such as luggage or a pillow to see if they were traveling, or I would just wonder what it 
would be like to be in their car, going where they were going. As I got older I wondered what 
made me so interested in these people’s lives. 
One weekend long before my mission I was driving back to school after spring break. I 
was looking at the person driving next to me and caught myself thinking about how useless it was 
to wonder about these strangers. What good would it do if I knew them? I thought, “I will never 
talk to this person, why does their life matter to me?” And so on. I hadn’t lost the curiosity, but I 
couldn’t see how I would ever be able to make a difference in these strangers’ lives.  Being on a 
mission has changed that. 
I now realize we, as missionaries, have the power to help! We may not be able to stop 
every moving vehicle to speak to the driver, but we can stop those people walking down the street, 
or sitting behind a closed door. In fact it is our calling to speak to everyone we encounter! We are 
called to learn of others stories; their biggest fears, happiest moments, and darkest times. Then to 
give them the hope that will lead them out of all worries and cares, and broaden their vision. To 
clear their view and bring them the good news of the perfect saving grace of Jesus Christ. 
Elders and Sisters we often don’t appreciate what we have. We possess the medicine that 
will heal everyone’s illnesses! And as missionaries we write the prescription. Then it is up to them 
to fill that prescription and take the medicine that will help them most, which is the fountain of 
living water! Write that prescription to everyone by talking to every single person you come 
across. Then invite them to act! 
One of the quickest ways to increase your success as a missionary is to cast away all fear 
of rejection and speak to everyone you see about the restored gospel. When you find yourself do- 
ing this, you will know that you are fulfilling the calling that has been extended to you by a 
prophet of the Lord. Please don’t take this time for granted. Love every moment of your mission. 

This is my prayer, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

Elder Chance Johnson 

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