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On Tues, June 5, 2012 we held the first of our last series of Zone Conferences. 
The Mt Vernon and Annandale Zones attended and it was held at the Mt. Vernon Stake Center. 
This was one of the "shorter-training" conferences and went from 9:00-1:00.
But it was Fantastic. 
Elder Mckwenkwe conducted, and Elder Wright led the singing.  Both have big happy smiles and are always happy. 
Elder Horton gave the spiritual thought.  He said if we let it, the spirit will tell each of us what we need to know today.  
Then we all recite the Missionary Purpose together.
President Albright always starts with opening remarks. 
He introduced all the new missionaries who have never attended a zone conference.
Since we had 20 new ones arrive, we have many. 
This group included:   Rachel Hicks- mini missionary, Sister Evans- from Detroit-A convert with 15 siblings, Sister Jeppsen- from Las Vegas- a triathalon athelete, Elder Pedraza- from New Jersey and a Mexican heritage, Elder Bennett- from California-wrestler, Elder George-Ephraiam Utah-loves all sports, Elder and Sister Kones-85 miles s. of Palmyra and serving as Military relations, Elder Coates- Rexburg Idaho, Elder Lewis-Vernal Utah-2 yrs college.
President had missionaries share recent experiences.  They shared lots of wonderful 
stories of things that are happening to them.  They always sound so excited and 
filled with love for the work and the people. 

Elder Nelson told an amazing story about a young man they had baptized from Sierra Leon.  He was 
moving to a new ward and they were a little worried about him not knowing anyone.
Well, he went to the new ward and in the foyer he ran into his own brother- they had not seen each other for  many years and had lost contact.  What a miracle.  Each had joined the church, immigrated at different times and found each other at church.  

The Zone leaders in these zones are:
Elders Harper and McKwenkwe in Annandale
Elders Dakota Anderson and Westover in Mt Vernon in Mt Vernon. 

ZL's Harper and McKwenkwe gave a presentation on
They role-played an interview for a job using the scriptures as a resume and promised blessings if hired.  
They outlined the important things to cover in the first few minutes of the lessons. 
This sets the stage, lets them know your expectations and your purpose and gets them to trust you.

Next, we led a discussion about AREA BOOKS- A GOLD MINE OF INFORMATION.
Told them the story of Elder Claudio Costa, a member of the Presidency of the 70
His family was found 10 years later in the area book and baptized.
We did an area book exchange.

Sister Rozsa did a presentation on WEEKLY AND NIGHTLY PLANNING.
We should our love and commitment to the mission when we plan. 
She did a great job. 
Pres. had planner checks.  Exchanges with our companionships and 
pointed out positive and negative.  
I put pictures of some of the sisters books on here. The sisters are master planners. 

Next, ZLs Westover and Anderson did a presentation on 
Explain the spirit,  Conditional Invited, Spirit filled lesson, point out the spirit, then invite.
Skills practices followed. 

The Spanish District performed a musical number: 
Sisters Ahokava and Raynor, Elders Garcia, Pedraza, Earnshaw and Boucher
"Oh How Lovely Was the Morning"
Very lovely job. 

Next, The Assistants Elders Parker and Johnson gave a beautiful, heartfelt 
presentation and plea to get back to the basic, be committed and be a 

Next, was my turn.  I spoke on the SPIRIT.
I asked them to finish my sentences: 

PLANNING by the ..............
INVITING by the .................
FINDING by the ...................
TEACHING by the .................


President then spoke.  He was great. 
He talked about PMG.  Our mission goals.  He showed a new church video 
called Political Neutrality from LDS newsroom.  We talked about this
Then he showed a new video by the church about what 
Mormon Doctrine- includes. 
This is because so many people are digging up One sentence from old church talks from the 1800's ans basing church doctrine on them.  Our church doctrine in very specific and includes only those 
things listed in the video.  
Not every statement made by a church leader is doctrine.  They have opinions too. 
This is to help our missionaries as the political climate heats up in this area and help them 
direct conversations back to the doctrine. 

We showed the ' OPERATION- WINDOWS OF HEAVEN" video again. 

I can't see this whole picture, but I'll name as far as I can. 
Front Row:  Sisters Evans, Olsen, Patten, Hansen, Yoon, Hicks, 
2nd Row:  Sisters Jeppsen, Rozsa, Raynor, Ahokava, Elders Pedraza, Garcia, Earnshaw, Boucher and Litchfield
3rd Row:  Elders Uptain, Nelson, Hill, Horton, Hamblin, Wright, DeHaan 
4th Row:  Elders Harper, West, George, Paswaters, Bennett, Parker, Merrill, Johnson
5th Row:  Elders Makwenkwe, Ker, Peihopa, Pyne, Bezzant, Creager, Fraizer, Dickson
6th Row:  Elders Holfeltz, Zabriskie, Mngoma, Lewis, McAbee, Yates, Harb, Coates
7th Row: Elders and Sisters Kone and Hepworth, Westover, Anderson

Mt Vernon chapel

Elder McKwenkwe conducting

Elders McKwenkwe and Harper demonstration

President and Assisants Parker and Johnson

Sister Rozsa and Jeppsen roleplaying nightly planning

Zone Leaders Elders McKwenkwe, Anderson, Westover, and Harper

Office Elders Dehaan and Litchfield

Checking planners

Elders Westover and Anderson

Skills Practices:  Elders Boucher, Earnshaw, Wright and Hamblin

Sisters Yoon, Hicks, Rozsa and Jeppsen


Elders Westover, Chung, Lau, Yates, McAbbee

Sisters Olsen, Evans, Hansen and Patten with E McKwenkwe

Elders Zabriskie, Holfeltz, Ker and West

Sisters Raynor and Ahokava and Elders Creager and Bezzant

Elders Horton, Hill, Johnson, Nelson

Elders and Sisters Kone and Hepworth

Elders Lewis and Mngoma

Elders Merrill, Bennett, Pedraza and Garcia

Musical Number: Sisters Ahokava, Raynor, Elders Garcia, Pedraza, Earnshaw and Boucher

Elder Johnson instructs

Elder Parker

Scenes from the video "OPERATION, WINDOWS OF HEAVEN"



Sisters Ahokava and Raynor with Elder Johnson

Elder Parker with sisters Olsen and Evans

Sisters Rozsa, Jeppsen and Hansen

Sisters Hicks, Yoon, and Patten

All the Sisters

Sisters Olsen and Evans

Sisters Yoon and Hicks

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