Saturday, June 16, 2012


This letter was sent by a friend of ours from Las Vegas who is in the process of helping move
their married daughter and son-in-law to Virginia.  Virginia saints are some of the best.


We're in Virginia Beach, then heading down to Kitty Hawk, then to Mertyl Beach.  Just got to tell you of an experience we had a couple of days ago that I think you'll appreciate.  Monday we were in Athens Ohio and our son-in-law had made arrangements two months ago for an 8 am pick-up of a 24' Hertz truck.  He had made arrangements for members of his ward to be there to help load up.  It was raining like crazy and when we went to get the truck they didn't have it.  By the time we got a hold of Hertz Corp. and they sent another truck it was 12:30 and of course all the volunteers had left to go to work.  We contacted the missionaries who came over for service.  It was a rainy nightmare and took us about 5 hours to complete the loading.  Incidentally, one of the Elder's bishop was one of my missionaries in Adelaide.  That put us way behind to make it to their new home in Christianburg, Virginia, so Ryan called the Bishop and asked him to put a note on their door thanking anyone for showing up, but that we wouldn't make it until very late.

The trip was long and lousy weather with unhappy kids.  We pulled into their new culdesac at 9:30 pm in a rain storm thinking we would just sleep on the floor and worry about unloading the next morning, we saw a crowd of approximately 20 people standing in their driveway ready to off-load.  A group of Angels would not have been more welcomed.  As we were getting into it I heard a voice from the crowd say "is that you Pres. Weston?"  And I lookied up to see John Passic, his wife and daughter.  He said Sunday he was supposed to go out of town on business, but just felt strongly that he needed to help this new young family move in.  The entire job was done in 45 minutes.  Carlie and Ryan made great new friends, and were inundated with cookies, and meals.  John says that he has stayed in contact with you, so I wanted you to know of his service.  What a wonderful, positive, happy guy.  His daughter Jill and Carlie were best friends in high school and had kept in touch, but were not aware of this move.

Happy Father's Day President.


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