Sunday, June 17, 2012


On Sunday, June 12, 2012 we had the joy of attending a farewell fireside for 
Elder Bruce Carlson of the 70 and his sweet wife Vicki.  
They arrived in Virginia around the same time as us - summer 2009. 
Elder Carlson was a new member of the 2nd quorum of the 70
but President Obama had other plans. 
He requested that Elder Carlson be allowed to serve as the director of the NRO. 
National Reconnaissance Office.
This very prestigious job was a perfect match for him.  Salt Lake Ok'd 
the move and he has been living here serving as both a member of the 70 and as NRO director. 
Vicki is an angel.  Shortly after arriving she began working at the mission office 
1 or 2 afternoons each week.  She has been wonderful. 
Everyone loves her. 
The Carlsons are now returning to SLC in a few weeks. 
We attended this farewell fireside for them and I had the opportunity to 
introduce Vicki. 
Vicki shared a beautiful testimony and Elder Carlson gave a stellar talk. 
He is always a wonderful speaker. 
It was fun to see the Ashburn Stake presidency and wives and most of the High councilmen also 
Another fun get together.  

Elder Carlson, President Albright and Stake President Chapman

Vicki greeting friends
Kristi Roney and Bro Holmgren.  Love this  father and daughter.

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