Monday, June 4, 2012


Another wonderful mission home fireside.  We had 2 amazing new 
converts share their stories and they were touching and beautiful.
First, Lauren shared her testimony.  She told how she had grown up and 
loved God.  She taught Bible stories by using them in her dance classes. 
The missionaries knocked on her door and she thought she "could teach them by Bible bashing
with them".  And she was the one who ended up having her questions answered. The 
things she had always found were missing, were answered for her. 
She is darling and full of enthusiasm for the gospel.  She really love the Lord and 
loves to tell everyone everywhere she goes all about this new found truth. 
Next, Tahari, shared her story.  She is a very elegant Pakistani woman. 
She is very educated- a scientist, with a husband and 2 children that are all doctors. 
She attended her husbands church faithfully for many years out of respect to him. 
But she wanted more and when the Sisters came to their door, her husband 
was happy to let her learn from them.  He even invited them in and fed them.
She was so happy and surprized.  This was a miracle to her. 
She loves the gospel also and is thrilled to have found Christ. 
President and Sister Burton were the next speakers. 
They are dynamic.
Sis Burton sang  a beautiful song, "Dearest Children" and expressed her testimony that 
we are God's children.
Then Pres. Burton was energetic and told about Elisha and his miracles. 
How their were many unseen angels to protect them. 
President Albright concluded and told about Elisha and 
our missionaries all having angels protecting them. 
It was a wonderful evening. We had lots of new converts and investigators. 
I will really miss these meetings. 

Sis and Pres Burton


the balcony
the room is filling up

Elder DeHaan played a lovely piano solo, "I stand all Amazed".  
That is my favorite song.

Sister Burton

Sister Crocket leads the music

President with Assistants Parker and Johnson. 
Elder Johnson conducted.

Lots of treats afterwards.

Sisters Moya, Moses, and Crocket

Elder Norris and his new convert, Joy.

Lauren and her friend

Lauren visiting with an investigator

Elder Kessler

Nancy Craun and Sister Burton

Elders Carnline, Parker, Ochoa, Sherwani

Elders McAbbee, Yates, and Dehaan

Sister Ferrin and Pres Burton

Sister Moya

The Gannaways

Elders Harper, Litchfield, Carnline, and Ochoa

Bonnie, an investigator with Sisters Goates and Hansen

Joseph Delano and Elder Johnson

Elders Harper and Mackwenkwe with their investigator
Pres and I with the released Elder Sherwani

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