Saturday, March 17, 2012

2nd day- Zones Woodbridge & Fredericksburg

Zone Trainings continue. 2nd Day is in Woodbridge with Fredericksburg. Had another great day. Great Assistant and Zone leader presentations. And a beautiful musical number.
Elder Doyle is coming each day at the end of the meeting. He brings an air compressor to inflate the car tires. All the tires air pressure is measured and fixed if needed.
Woodbridge and Fredericksburg
Skills practice- Elders Meitler, Smallcomb, Gates, and Rowley

Elders Bay, Doyle and Harb
Elders Bigler, Hinse, Tacaki, and Fitzpatrick
Elders Barney and Bentley, Worthington and Braithwaite

Elders Fraizer, Johnson, Tejada, and Villareal
Elders Peihopa, Schwendiman, Timothy, Fajardo
Elders Crowley, Lewis,
Elders Wright and Young with Sister Voglesberg and Dana
Elders Hill and Wilson with Elders Kessler and Yazzie
Elders Mckwenkwe, Hanson, Rith, and

Elders Walker and Church instructing in a practice with Elder MacAbbe
Elder Church
Elder Walker
Sister Vogelsberg
Sister Dana
Elder Parker and Hanson
Elder Peterson
Elder Chance Johnson
Elder Hanson conducted
Elder Doyle, Car czar, working on cars. He's so good.

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