Wednesday, March 7, 2012


GREAT departing fireside tonight. We have such a great group of missionaries going home and so many people came out to hear them share their testimonies and bid them farewell. It is so wonderful. It continues to amaze my every transfer how much people here love their missionaries. Each of them shared their testimony. A thought from each:
1. Elder Campbell- to the investigators "Never question that the missionaries love you, You are our JOY"
2. Elder Schmidt- Told story of finding Book of Mormon in a box before his mission, reading it and feeling it was true.
3. Elder Donaldson- "God loves each of you and He wants you to be happy"
4. Elder Skousen- "Didn't realized how much I would love each of you and how much it would change my heart"
5. Elder Cook- "The Joy we feel is what makes us so willing to work"
6. Elder Yancey- Please commit to start a relationship with Heavenly Father if you haven't and a great peace will enter your heart.
7. Sister Bryson - I have felt the love of the Savior in this calling
8. Elder Bryson - "to all you 'seasoned' people I recommend a mission"
9. Elder Tejada - "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course"
10. Sis Dalrymple - I know Book of Mormon is the word of God, please go home and ask God tonight if it is true. It answers all other questions
11. Elder Whipple- "I look forward to serving the rest of my life"
12. Sister Lee - "Christ really is the Savior of the world. As His agent I can be bold
13. Elder Carter -"Best thing we get is mail- many say God stopped with Bible. God sends mail to us through continuing revelation"
14. Elder Rios - I have learned to Love on the mission"
15. Elder Kotyk - Sad to take off my name tag - but it is implanted on my heart.

I love this group. So hard to say goodbye.

Elders Westover, Williams, Mngoma, Carnline, Jensen, , Bigler
Elder Whipple with friends

Elder Tejada with Deleons
Elder Carter with friends
President and Elder Timothy
Elders Cook and Schmidt with friends
Elders Bay, Donaldson, Williams, Peihopa and Schwendiman
Elder Kotyk with friends
Elder Skousen with friends
Elder Gubler, Carter and Mendoza
Elder Rios and friends
Sister Dalrymple with friends
Elders Earnshaw and Parker with Elder and Sister Bryson
Sister Lee with Sister Caramello
Elder Yancey and Westover
Sister Lee with the Cromptons
Elder Schmidt
Elder Campbell
A crowded gym

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