Saturday, March 31, 2012


We started the day with a Leadership Meeting. This includes all Zone Leaders, District Leaders, Sister Exchange Leaders, office elders, and Assistants, and us.
This meeting we concentrated on using the Book of Mormon more in our preaching and teaching.
President Albright spoke to open the meeting.
Elder Taylor gave a spiritual thought
Elder Harb, our office elder, keeps things running smoothly.
Elders Bay, and office elder and Elder Norris, who led the singing.
Elder Johnson conducted the meeting
Elders Johnson, Peterson and Pres.
Elder Norris leading the singing
Leaders unite

Elders Slade and Edgington taught about keeping accurate and "good" stake reports.

Elder Terry spoke about "District Leader- A Divine Calling"

A teaching activity led by Sis Rozsa
Sister Rozsa teaching about Nightly planning.
Elders Liew and West teaching on the subject, "The Flood of the Book of Mormon"
It was then my turn and continued with the subject of sharing the Book of Mormon.
Elders Peterson and Johnson instructed about the new weekly E-mail being sent to everyone and about the Oval Chart (church wide mission program for wards)
We followed with a Counsel led by President Albright on a variety of subjects like:
font schedules, rides for investigators and RC, Real Growth, splits

Then we all got excited about heading to the park for some fun and bonding.

On Thurs, March 22, 2012 we held Leadership Mtg. Following the mtg, we went to Burke Lake Park for a barbecue and games. This park is a wonderful park. It has acres of camping, a lake, picnic grounds, volleyball nets, frisbee courses, a golf course, a miniature golf course, a merry go round, miles of walking paths and acres of lovely forest. Here's the whole group at the picnic site. This includes the assistants, Elders Peterson and Johnson, Office Elders Harb and Bay, Elder Doyle (barbecue chef), all Zone leaders and District leaders and sister exchange leaders. There were 58 of us. Lots of hot dogs. Yummy
Elder Doyle and President Albright
President with Elder Trey Williams
Elder Doyle with Elder Peterson

Elders Taylor, Bezzant, Liew and Sisters Hardt and Dezzeo
Elders Slade and Stahley
E. Slade and Stahley
E Edgington and Johnson
Elders Horton, Pres, Peterson, Mower, Hill
Sydney and Elder Franzwa (engaged and visiting) Elders Johnson, Naylor, Earl, Zabriskie and Sherwani, and Perry
Elder Terry, Barney and Ness
Elders Hill, Horton and Johnson
Elders Mower, Cowley, Anderson and Stahley
Elders Jensen, Carnline, White, Westover, Fitzpatrick, Harb, Norris, Bay

Elders Harper, Slade, Edgington, Terry, Barney, Ness, Dixon, and Hussey

Elders Gubler, Wright, and Garcia

Sister Rozsa and Elder Hanson
Elder Franzwa and his fiance Sydney

Elder Johnson made a great little friend

Elder Dickson, West, and Ness
Eldlers Freeman, Paswaters and Parker
Elders Fitzpatrick, Hanson, Sisters Rozsa and Hanson, elders Nelson and Smallcomb

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