Wednesday, March 7, 2012


We took the departing missionaries bowling the night before they left. They are pretty hyper and going to sleep early is not an option. So we go have fun. What a fun group.
Elders Campbell and Yancey
Elders Carter and Peterson
Sister Lee

Elder Harb was doing pretty good. Had 100 in about the 6th frame. So I told him if he got over 160 I'd give him $20. Pretty safe I thought. So he immediately bowled 5 straight strikes.
Elder Tejada. He did so good and he had never seen a bowling alley. Way to go.

Elder Cook
Elder Campbell
Elder Kotyk liked that roll
Elder Kotyk
Elder Bay
Sisters Lee, Dalrymple and Elder Carter
Elder Whipple
Elder Yancey
Elder Cook
elder Schmidt

Elder Kotyk has pretty professional form

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