Saturday, March 31, 2012


On March 19, 2012 we had all the Spanish Speaking missionaries come to the mission home for a P-day activity and barbecue. It was lots of fun. What a wonderful group of young men and women. They had a great time. They love to get together and visit because they are spread all over the mission and don't see each other alot. All the Hemanas and Hermanos.

These two pictures are really fun. Everyone of these missionaries is of Hispanic background and come from many different countries.
Kneeling: Elder Rivera- Mexico, Elder Garcia-Mexico, Elder Boucher- Peru, Elder Tejada-Equador,
Standing: Sister Dezzeo- Venezuela, Sister Moya- Equador, Elder Creager-Uraguay, Elder Perez-Mexico
Elder Ochoa-Mexico, Elder Villareal- Mexico, Elder Scott-Argentina, Elder Tacaki- Brazil
And in the 2nd picture Sister Taylor, family from Spain.

Elders Hamblin, Wright, Sisters Hardt, Vogelsberg, Sorenson, Kneeling: Elders Ursenbach and Earnshaw
Fuseball with Elders Bezzant, Wilson and Ursenbach
Sisters Moya, Taylor and Sorenson

Elders Creager and Sister Raynor
Heads up
OOPS. put it twice

Elder Rivera leaping with Sister Vogelsberg looking on

Sister Dana
Elder Wright and Elder Polkowske
Elder Perez and Polkowske

Sister Dana, Elders Oliverson, Wright, Polkowske, Tacaki, Young and Sister Raynor
Sister Dezzeo, Elders Tejada, Hamblin, Gubler and Wright
Elders Ochoa, Tacaki, Young, and Perez
Elders Villareal, Phillips, Bay,and Tajada
E. Oliverson
Sisters Hardt and Dezzeo, with Elders Hamblin and Garcia
Elder Wright serves
Elder Ursenbach closest to the camera

Sisters Sorenson and Taylor play on the swings
Elders Fitzpatrick, Creager, and Harb
Sisters Thompson and Sorsenson
Elder Johnson smiling
Elders Earnshaw, Peterson, Gubler, Oliverson, Hamblin, and sisters in the background

Sisters Moya, Taylor and Dana, with Elders Earnshaw, Peterson, Polkowske, Hamblin, Oliverson, and Gubler
Elders Peterson and Johnson, our wonderful assistants grilling the hambergers.
Elder Ursenbach or Ochoa--can't quite tell

Elder Rivera

Elders Bezzant and Arthur Wilson with Pres. Albright
basketball fun

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