Saturday, March 31, 2012


This is our new mission map. It has all the new wards that have been added in the last few years.
Each Stake, or Mission Zone is represented by a different color.

Purple Ashburn
White Centreville
LimeGreen Fredericksburg
Lt.Pink Oakton
Green McLean
Orange Annandale
Peach Mt Vernon

All the wards are outlined in red.

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  1. I just got called to the Washington DC South mission on Tuesday of this week - I'm just brimming with excitement!! I stumbled across this website looking for info about my mission, and I want to thank you for the information, stories and pictures on this blog...I'm literally crying as I read through it because I just can't believe that I will be there in January, preaching the gospel. I know you won't be the mission president and 1st lady while I'm there, but I'm grateful for your diligence in keeping this blog so that I kind of have some kind of an idea of what an incredible experience this will be for me. :')