Saturday, March 17, 2012

3rd Zone Training- McLEAN & OAKTON

3rd day Zone trainings. McLean and Oakton. The great trainings continue. We love these missionaries. They are amazing. The presentations are really well-done and it's wonderful to meet with all of them. The all love taking the "silly" picture.
Dignified picture
Skills practice- Elders DeHaan, Cluff, and Taylor, Newkirk with Elder Chance Johnson
Elders Williams, Calvert, Williams, and Ross with Elder Peterson watching
Elders Westover, Mann, King, Hinze, and
Sisters Thompson and Taylor, Moya and Ahokava
Elders Arthur Wilson, Bezzant, Gubler, and Hamblin
Elders West, Davis, Call, Carnline
Sisters Crockett and Moses with Elders Perez and

Getting car tires measured.

Sisters Crockett and Moses

We went to Elevation Burger to eat after the meeting and about 20 of the missionaries came to.

Elders MacFarlane, Dastrup and Peterson
Elders Williams, Williams, (thats right) and MacFarland and Dastrup
Elders Calvert, Rivera, Hustead, and Ross
Elders Bay, Harb, Perez and Johnson
This wonderful Brother, Tom Crow, shared his conversion because of the book of Mormon with us at the conference. He was so inspiring. He is here with Elders Westover and Horton
Elders Doyle, Johnson, Carnline, Calvert, and Jensen

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