Wednesday, March 7, 2012


We finally took a day off. After 6 weeks of meetings everyday, we went into DC.
We wanted to visit the Aquarium and the Ellipse. 2 things we haven't seen yet.
We parked in the underground parking at the Reagan Building. It is the International Trade Center and brings together Federal, State, and Regional businesses. The office for Trade Promotion. Sometimes called the World Trade Center in Washington DC. It is also a civic center for the local business community. 85 trade shows each year. It is 3 million square feet. (all of the buildings here are giganic). Across the street is the US Department of Commerce Building.
This is one of the largest government buildings. When it was built it was the largest.
The Aquarium is housed in the basement of the Commerce Building.
Reagan Building

Sign for the Aquarium
The aquarium had lots of fish and reptiles, coral, shark, etc. It was fun and we enjoyed it. But I wouldn't recommend it if you have limited time in DC.

One side of the Department of Commerce

Entrance to the Aquarium
Albino alligator

Reagan Building
Commerce Building
The White House Museum is housed in the commerce building
This statue is in McPherson Square across the street from the White House.
Next to the Washington Hotel and across the street from the Treasury is 'THE EXTRA MILE"
PATHWAY. This monument is made up of seals on the sidewalk every few feet honoring people who have given in a great way in service to others. It is suppose to eventually take up a mile. I only took pictures of the first 3. (I'd have to cross the street to see the next one)
This man started GOOD WILL

This is the Willard Hotel. One of the oldest in the city.

Inside the lobby of the Willard hotel

The Treasury. Sits next to the White House
Another side of the Treasury
The front of the Treasury.
The Washington Hotel- Next door to the Willard and just as old. Across the street from the Treasury
The Washington Hotel
The White House from the Ellipse.
Looking out of the White House
The monument in the Ellipse. This monument is four-sided. It has five statues. One on top and one on each side. This is all about different wars, like the Seminole Indian War and the Civil War.

The blossoms are already starting to show

This tree on the lawn of the white house is enormous. The trunk was at least 20 feet around.
These pink magnolias are amazing.
The White house lawn
The snipers on the roof.
Sister Albright

President Albright
All the trees on the white house lawns are incredible
Statue outside of city offices to a former early mayor.
District of Columbia offices.

This is the building that houses the offices for the leaders of the city of District of Columbia. Here is the Mayors
Occupy DC- McPherson Square. What is left of it.

This is a statue outside of the Reagan building with a saying about Religious Freedom in America.

This is one of my favorite buildings in DC. It is the Eisenhower building. It sits next to the White House and holds the office of the Vice President and a whole lot of other offices. It is built in a beautiful french style and really is spectacular.

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