Saturday, March 17, 2012


First day of Zone Training was held with Mt. Vernon and Annandale. Had a great day. There was a great spirit. President and I shared an Easter message. We wanted to share our testimonies and love for the Savior. We did this by sharing a power point of the last week of Christ's life- his atonement and resurrection. Expressed that this is an important message to share during this Easter time of year. By sharing our love of the Savior perhaps we can get in more doors. The assistants taught on Revelation thru Prayer. Then the Zone Leaders gave presentations on the Importance of the Book of Mormon in Conversion and How the Book of Mormon Answers Questions of the Soul. The 2 zones together.
Elder White
Elder Anderson
We had a wonderful musical number- Elders Ochoa and Ursenbach sang a song that they had written about the Savior. Elder Scott played piano. It was really nice.
Elders Harper and Mower teach the zones.

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