Thursday, March 8, 2012



These letters were sent by two of our departing missionaries just before they returned home.

I love the passion he describes for his mission. The intense love and care he has gained for the Lord's children and work this work.

These kind of letters make it worth it for me.

Dear President,
I can't believe this is my final email. I never thought this day would come, and I kind of don't want it to be coming. I have loved my mission, and seeing it end is really really sad. Yesterday, I realized, at the departing fireside looking out into the massive crowed of people that filled up all the way back to the stage in the church, that they are who have made my mission so worth it. They are the ones who caused me to go out and knock doors and to do all of the things I have done for the passed two years, because when I see them keep commitments, come to church, and accept baptismal invites, that has brought me more joy than anything else ever could. The Weight family was among the crowed, and I almost teared up watching them walk in and the little boys were waving at me and were so excited to see me, it helped me realize that my mission was worth every second, even all of the struggles. That family has been a huge blessing to me, to see how they have changed, to see how much closer they have become just in the passed few months. That to me is what makes a mission an indescribable experience. Nobody, unless they have served a mission, would ever understand the impact it has on us!

A 2nd letter--

Hello President:

It was a pleasure being in the temple this past Wednesday. I absolutely loved it and that was an experience I have really been needing for a while now. It is so wonderful to have a deeper understanding of God's plan and yet how simple it still is! I love teaching the gospel to others full time. I will be sad a bit when I get home and come to reality, but it has been a great 2 years! I love being a missionary and I look forward to continuing to be a missionary throughout my life.

This week was absolutely fantastic!!! I loved being able to reconnect with so many people last night at the fireside and there were a few who took me by surprise that they showed up. The converting power of the Spirit is so strong and I have truly felt more converted from day to day. It is a wonderful lifelong process. Keldy was at stake conference with us yesterday as well and she is completely ready for her baptism now. She even brought two of her kids who I am sure will be baptized as well after they come to church a couple more times. Cheryl, who has been investigating for years, came to the fireside last night on her own and swapped info with multiple converts because she feels ready for baptism now too. She just needs that added support from great people like Renee .

I love my mission. It has truly changed my life and I will always reflect back on the things I have learned here in DC South!! Thank you for your inspired leadership. Thank you for placing me where I needed to be and with those that would help me to learn, grow and develop lifelong friendships. I will be eternally grateful for the lessons learned and that I will be able to continue learning in these next couple years as well.

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