Wednesday, March 7, 2012


The morning of departing interviews is alot of fun. They missionaries come to the mission hom and have a final half hour interview with President Albright. I get to just visit and feed them.
I have them sign their ties and hang them on the banister, I invite them to mark their favorite scripture and sign their name next to it, and I have a binder where I put a conversion story written by each of them and brought to me today. This binder is one of my favorite things. It has the most wonderful and spiritual stories in it and it is a real treasure. They came both Mon and Tues. Interviews were held between 9:00 and 1:00. On Mon afternoon we had staff meeting and on Tues there was a trainer meeting. This is when all the missionaries who have been called as new trainers for the arriving missionaries get together and have some instruction about the importance of their call and are given the training book. Two busy days.
Elder Carter's tie is beautiful . Sorry this is blurry.
Elder Carter

Sister Lee and Vaitai
Sister Lee pointing at her tie "fishers of men" It has little fish on it.
Elder Kotyk helping hang Sisters lee's tie
Sis Lee
Elders Kotyk, Carter and Slade
Elder Whipple
Sister Dalrymple
Elders Yancey, Slade and Parker in backgroud and Elder Whipple
Elder Yancey
Elder Kotyk
Elder Tejada
Elder Cook
Elder Skousen

Elder Skousen
Elder Cook
Elder Tejada
Elder Skousen
Elder Cook
Elder Rios
Elder Donaldson
Elder Schmidt
Elder Campbell

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