Wednesday, March 7, 2012


After Transfer Meeting we head for the mission home with the departing missionaries.
This time we have 32 coming to dinner. 3 tables. We have the departing missionaries, and the families of Elder Cook and Skousen. Also the office couples, assistants, office elders, the Ericksons, and Pres and me.
8 racks of ribs, potatoes, corn, tossed salad, rolls, and strawberry shortcake. Every speck was gone. I'm not sure I'll know how to cook for small groups after the mission.

After dinner everyone except the departing missionaries, Assistants, Office elders, and Pres and I leave. Then we hold the most special meeting of all. We have our own testimony and memory sharing meeting. This is so incredible. Hard to explain. They know this is the last time they will share on their missions. They share LONG and heartfelt thoughts and beliefs. It is really beautiful. Thank you to everyone of them. This is when I know that they have really become true disciples of their Savior. They have such powerful testimonies and love and charity for all of Heavenly Father' children. They really do love these people.
We then give them each a book we have made for them containing a goodbye letter, articles for returning missionaries by General Authorities, pages to write their testimonies, 100 things learned, and goals, the DC South affirmation sheet, pictures of the mission home, the office, Pres and I, their departing temple trip, a map of the mission with all the zones and wards, a printout of all their assignments (where they served, their companions, etc), and all of their letters and reports to the President written each week. I hope this keepsake lets them know how much we love them.
The Cook family sitting at one of the tables.
Elder Campbell, Pres., Elder Chance Johnson (new Assistant), Elder Doyle, and Sister Gengler
Dining room 1: Elders Kotyk, Tejada, Campbell, Donaldson, Johnson, Harb, Peterson, Carter, Schmidt, Whipple, and Yancey
Elder Bay, Elder Skousens family, President, Sisters Dalrymple and Lee
Elder Cooks' family with Pres and I

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