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We visited some of the less popular sites today. There are more places to visit here than is imaginable. We first went to the DAR - Daughters of the American Revolution. This is a spectacular building. A society that is made of ladies who all can trace their geneology back to the revolutionary war.
It houses one of the most amazing geneology libraries ever. It is beautiful. The old concert hall. We got passes and we were able to find a whole section on "Albright". It was great.
There were lots of rooms, each designated with a State name. And each was decorated in a specific time period. All very interesting.

The Geneology Libaray

All these books I pulled forward are ALBRIGHT books

The Maryland State Room

Iowa State Room

Next we visited the OAS. This is a organization of the states of North and South America.
"Inside the gleaming white Georgia marble headquarters building is a Spanish colonial patio, with a marble fountain, tiles floors and incredible tropical trees reaching the glass roof. One tree was planted by President Taft in 1920.

Next, is one of the American Red Cross Buildings.
Right next door, is the Corcoran Gallery of Art.
This is a stupendous collection of American and European art the includes the famous portrait of George Washington by Gilbert Stuart, which is reproduced on the one dollar bill.
William Wilson Corcoran was a banker and philanthropist who has this colossus built in 18197 to show off his private collection which had grown too bill for his other museum- the Renwick Gallery.

In the entry is an exhibit by Clarie Healy. These really interesting works were all done with LEGOS. They represent photos of the Spaceship Challenger that exploded.

This is the picture of Washington that is on the front of all one dollar bills.

This gigantic painting, it stood like 30' long and 20' tall and Covered a whole wall. It was of the House of Representatives and by Samuel Morse in 1822. The artist later invented Morse Code.

Famous photo called Niagra

John Argent was the most famous portrait painter of his day.

There was a lot of MODERN ART. I don't understand it, but I look at it-hoping I'll begin to appreciate it. So far that has not happened.

This is a Picasso

Beats Me?


This is a Renior- one of favorite painters.
This is a self-portrait of Rembrant

This room was just unbelievably ornate. You had to see it close up to believe it. The story here is that a William Clark who owned the place in 1904 purchased this room for his wife.
The entire Grand Salon from the Hotel D'Orsay in Paris, originally built for the Duc de la Tremouille during the 18th century reign of King Louis XVI. Mr. Clark purchased the salon- complete with ceiling, walls, and furniture and had it installed in his New York City townhouse.
The next section was bronzes. Very beautiful

A very famous Remington- OFF THE RANGE. This piece was considered amazing because only 4 feet of all the horses 16 are on the ground. Very difficult for bronze work.
Now come the really confusing ones.

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